All breeders should

  • Adhere to the policies set forth by both the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that is in support of the Hamiltonstovare and is no way defamatory, degrading, or slanderous
  • Keep accurate records of registration, health, pedigrees, etc.
  • Maintain the best quality standard of health and wellbeing of all of their dogs
  • Assume responsibility for every single puppy produced throughout their life
  • Maintain sales and breeding contracts for every puppy produced
  • Breed only dogs that are compliant with the standards set forth by the HCA for health, both in physical health and preservation of instinct

Owners of brood bitches should

  • Provide an honest evaluation of stock for all dogs and puppies owned and/or produced
  • Provide a signed sales contract of every dog sold that should include: spay/neuter clause on pet quality dogs, breeding limitations, health requirements for breeding, selling of said dog to a third party, return policy that for any reason a puppy may be returned to the breeder at no cost to the breeder should the owner become unable to care for the dog, microchip and/or tattoo identification clause
  • Furnish appropriate paperwork for any dog, ie, registration papers/transfer of registration paper with all appropriate registries, vaccination and health records, pedigree, proper care and feeding information, and any other pertinent information.
  • Require all dogs of pet quality to be spayed/neutered at the age of 6 months, and furnished with limited registrations
  • Be fair and in no way misleading when conducting business
  • Verify to the best of your ability that you are selling to responsible owners, providing appropriate follow ups with dogs purchased
  • Assume full responsibility for the education of new owners of the breed

All members listed as breeders

Including listed breeders both international and domestic with the HCA should adhere to the following:

  • Breed an animal that is of an age that it can be accurately health tested (2 years or older)
  • Never breed an animal that does not meet the HCA's requirements for health testing
  • Never promote or conduct inbreeding, ie. The breeding of full siblings to each other, mother to son, or father to daughter
  • Never breed an animal that displays any sign of mental disease or defect
  • Never breed an animal that shows any sign of aggression towards people or other dogs
  • Limit the amount of times their dogs and bitches are allowed to breed during their lifetime, maintaining with the Swedish club rule
  • Limit the amount of litters they have in one calendar year, to no more than 4 litters a year
  • Never breed the same female twice in the same calendar year
  • No Hamiltonstovare puppy should ever be sold or cosigned into a commercial or backyard breeding environment.
  • No Hamiltonstovare should ever be surrendered to a rescue or shelter facility.