Unfortunately like many hounds in America, Hamiltonstovare have a rescue problem. Hamiltonstovare were brought over as hunting dogs but some hunting homes in America are not ideal for this sensitive and unique hound. 

Rescue Policy

The Hamiltonstovare Club of America is too small to have a rescue of our own at the moment. So the best that we can do is offer sponsorship, advice, sometimes fostering, and AKC/UKC registration to their future owners. 

If you own a Hamiltonstovare rescue and wish to register with the AKC or UKC for performance sports, please email Ashley Hammock for more information. 


All dogs listed below are available through other organizations and all adoption inquiries should go directly to them. These dogs listed are on a first come, first serve basis and are approved for AKC and UKC registration. 

Gizmo - Located in Des Plaines, IL
Holden - Located in Ontario, Canada
Packer - Located in Palmyra, Va
Jasper - Located in Louisa, Va
Toby Man - Located in Spartanburg, SC