The Hamiltonstovare Club of America has an official CafePress Shop that can be located here. From time to time we will list a few items available here. All proceeds benefit the Hamiltonstovare Club of America. 

Official Calendar

Every year we put out a calendar with images submitted by members, if you wish to participate in the 2018 calendar, please email us any high quality images of your dog(s). Please include the dog(s) name, owner name and any other information you wish to provide. 

If you wish to purchase the 2017 calendar, it is located here.

Sweaters and shirts

We have a few options for official shirts and sweaters and they can be found here. We can create custom shirts and sweaters as needed. Please contact us for more information regarding custom items.


painting by a hamiltonstovare

Alice, owned by Ashley Hammock, has been trained to paint and currently is taking custom orders at $35. Please email for more information, all proceeds benefit the Hamiltonstovare Club of America. 

other items

We are always looking for new ideas to feature either here on this site or in our CafePress store. To be listed, a portion of the proceeds must benefit the Hamiltonstovare Club of America.