Hamiltonstovare are fully recognized by the UKC, ARBA, IABCA, KC and FCI. Hamiltonstovare are FSS (Foundation Stock Service) recognized by the AKC. 

Conformation Dog Shows

Hamiltonstovare excel as show dogs and really enjoy participating in dog shows. The purpose of conformation dog shows is to determine the best breeding stock based on the written breed standard. Dogs must be intact and registered with a pedigree to participate in regular conformation but the UKC does offer a altered conformation class for those dogs with pedigrees that are spayed/neutered. As Hamiltonstovare aren't fully recognized by the AKC, they cannot participate in regular conformation and as of right now can only participate in AKC Open Shows. 

Several Hamiltonstovare in America have earned their UKC Champion title and all earned it by winning at least one competitive group placement. 

Dog Sports

Hamiltonstovare have been bred for generations to be versatile dogs that have the temperament to be able to easily transition from family pet, to show dog, to hunting dog. Hamiltons are scenthounds and have many of the personality quirks typical of scenthounds. They excel at certain sports more than others. Hamiltonstovare make great lure coursing, tracking, nosework, weight pulling, barn hunting, dock diving and agility dogs. They can be taught to do rally and obedience but as they have a tendency to wander when off-leash, they may not be suited for higher levels of rally and obedience. 

Several Hamiltonstovare have earned or are on their way to earning performance titles with their owners. Hamiltonstovare can compete at any level of performance sports in both AKC and UKC.