Hamiltons are generally a healthy breed, however; we do recommend that dogs that are to be used for breeding or show purposes have appropriate health testing prior to any breedings taking place. As versatility is a priority of the breed, dogs used for breeding should be health tested, instincts tested and a conformation title awarded by the AKC and/or UKC.


Hips: X-rays evaluated by OFA, PennHip, or the SKK

Elbows: X-rays evaluated by OFA

Thyroid testing: blood drawn and tested by an approved lab for OFA

Dogs with evidence of epilepsy are not to be used for breeding and should be immediately spayed/neutered at the first confirmation of diagnosis.

DM: DNA tested by an approved lab and recorded with the OFA

Instinct Tests Recommended

*At least one of these are advisable before breeding taking place*

Barn Hunting: RATI and/or RATN at a minimum

Lure Coursing: At least one leg of a coursing ability title award by the AKC or UKC, fast CAT is also recommended

Weight Pull: UWP or higher awarded by the UKC

Nosework: ORT or higher

Tracking: TD or higher

At least one video of the dog showing true instinct toward rabbit and/or fox scent in a drag scent, live prey, or pelt on flirt pole. (Note, this will no longer be allowed once field instinct tests are formalized)

Temperament Tests Recommended

Canine Good Citizen: CGC or higher

SPOT: SPOT or higher

Therapy Dog: Therapy Dog Novice or higher

American Temperament Test Society: TT awarded